For Home Collection, Give A Missed Call 80804 44233

For Home Collection, Give A Missed Call 80804 44233
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DDRC SRL Diagnostic Services will launch an innovative blood test named Agkura Personal Score, to aid earlier detection of Breast Cancer in women, from today (04.02.2020).Being observed today World over as the 20 th anniversary of the World Cancer Day, DDRC SRL has selected the particular date to launch the revolutionary blood test. USA based biotechnology company, OncoTAb, Inc., that developed this innovative test will be associating with DDRC SRL to run the test throughout India. India s leading diagnostics service provider with 209 branches across Kerala and over 3500 associated units across India, DDRC SRL is committed to reduce late stage breast cancer diagnosis among women in India. The new blood test shall address problems faced by doctors using current available technology to screen for breast cancer, and shall bring hope to millions of women worldwide.

DDRC SRL hands over new ambulance to IMA Blood Bank

Qualitative PCR COVID-19 test started at DDRC SRL.

Deepika Business Excellence Award 2019

Viruses reprogrammed to attack cancer

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DDC PUTHENCRUZ (14th) Branch Inaugurated on 28th October 2015


DDRC SRL Diagnostics Established in 1983,DDRC SRL is the largest diagnostics company in India with an impressive reach, providing superior quality diagnostics services to its customers via an efficient network of labs and collection points. The vision to create DDRC SRL Diagnostics was driven by the philosophy to provide high quality accurate tests/outcomes at affordable prices to the masses. DDRC SRL is known for high ethical standards synonymous with TRUST and every constituent of Team DDRC SRL follows an immaculate value system. DDRC SRL Diagnostics has 376 networking laboratories; 24 radiology/ imaging centres; 40 NABL-accredited labs; 4 CAP-accredited labs; and a footprint spanning more than 6316 collection points. The company has large labs in Dubai, Sri Lanka and Nepal, and about 70 collection points in various countries outside India. The veritable pioneer of medical diagnostics in India, DDRC SRL Diagnostics is imbued with a mission to deliver Gold Standard Diagnostic Services, both in Laboratory Medicine and Radiology, including high-end Imaging Services. DDRC SRL continues revolutionising Indias diagnostic services by introducing the most specialized technologies and innovative services.