For Home Collection, Give A Missed Call 80804 44233

For Home Collection, Give A Missed Call 80804 44233
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We, DDRC SRL diagnostics, the largest diagnostics service provider in Kerala are dedicated to world-class professional medical diagnostics. We began our operations in 1983 at Kochi, Kerala and over the years, we have grown strength to strength. Serving over millions of customers in the over the last four decades, we have earned the trust of our customer, doctors, hospitals and other healthcare institutions. Blessed with a talented and highly motivated team of Professionals, Administrators & Paramedical staffs, we are always obligated to fulfil our responsibilities to the society with a mission. We understand the complexities of delivering high-quality diagnosis which requires specialized skills and proven methodologies. With Empathy, Integrity, innovation and Transparency at our core, we look forward to serving the absolute best in diagnostics.

DDRC SRL Diagnostics has 220+ networking laboratories including
14 Regional
2 Centers of
23 Radiology/Imaging
5 Labs Accredited by
6 Wellness

To build a network of diagnostic centers offering end-to-end solutions with state-of-the-art machines manned by skilled workforce having pan India and international presence


To become the preferred choice of the medical fraternity and the end-consumer in clinical diagnostic services by setting the highest benchmarks in quality,expertise and services.