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Our Services

DDRC SRL offers 3500+ tests ranging from the simplest screening to advanced tests under molecular pathology, cytogenetics, histopathology & hematology. We are a fore runner in radiology testing in India. We employ the latest technology and R&D to bring the best in class radiology services to our customers.With our diagnostic excellence and exponentially expanding non-path services, plans to become a one stop solution for the wellness needs of every customer. We offer unparalleled excellence in all areas of Central Laboratory Services for clinical trials.


More than 3500 + diagnostic investigations available.

Clinical Pathology, Haematology, Clinical Biochemistry, Endocrinology.

Nuclear Medicine PET CT Scan

Nuclear Medicine PET CT Scan

Radiography: Digital X-ray

Radiography: Digital X-ray

Ultrasound Scanning

Ultrasound Scanning

Customer service

We have a very effective and caring customer care department that always listen and respond to any questions and concerns you might have. You can contact through our contact us page or customer care number - 0484 4277111, 9446508300.

Ambulance Service

24 hours Ambulance Services to general public

Health Day Celebrations

We celebrate Health days by introducing packages (like Cardiac, Kidney, Women etc.)

Health Packages

We have various health packages.

Home Collection Facility

DDRC SRL attends house calls for the critically ill and bed-ridden patients to collect specimens.

Nursing Service

Nursing service is the part of the total health organization which aims at satisfying the nursing needs of the patients/community.

Test Specific Medical Camps

We periodically arrange test specific medical camps to create awareness and to provide convenience to a customers at a particular location